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BlackShot Hile Bypass Yeni Versiyon indir

BlackShot Hile Bypass Yeni Versiyon indir

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BlackShot oyununa ait bypss arayan kullanıcılarımız için sonderece harika bir BlackShot

bypss hile botudur. asagıdaki vermiş olduumuz linkten hemen indirip oynayabilirsiniz.

1: To detect game version paste TotalItem Bypass BS_SEA_EU.exe on your BS-SEA or BS-EU folder
2: For both games – Choose one of the Nif’s files (Default,OnlyHS,BigHead) and paste on BlackShot\Data\
3: Rename the selected nif file to “gui” without quotes, remember to keep the correct extension .nif
4: BS-SEA – Paste TotalSEA.bsv on BlackShot\Data\_SG\CSV\
5: BS-EU – Paste TotalEU.bsv on Blackshot\Data\_EU\_EN\CSV\
6: For both games – Run Blackshot Patcher, Start Game. Run TotalItem Bypass BS_SEA_EU.exe as admin

Important: BS-SEA – Run bypass when GameGuard start to prevent crash! BS-EU – Run bypass before XignCode3 start to prevent detect!
If you got this message “Failed to Inject, please try again !”, Try run bypass again until work

How to use hack :

BS-SEA – On loading animations screen press [HOME], On loading weapons objects screen press [END].

Note : Please not say it does not work if you dont know how to do it properly. Do not spam hotkeys
while loading, click on the taskbar of your computer to prevent “blackshot stopped work” after it
press hotkeys at right time.

If you BlackShot close before character selection, got some GameGuard error or hack not work,
Please try repeat the process correctly until this work.

BS-EU – Hack is loaded automatically.

Note : If XignCode keep detecting it or hack not work, Try clear your logs, registry, temp files
windows errors and close blackshot folder after inject. At last restart your computer.


BlackShot Hile Bypass Yeni Versiyon indir


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