BlackShot Hileleri WALLHACK ve Bighead Yeni suspending method


BlackShot Hileleri WALLHACK ve Bighead Yeni suspending method


Merhaba arkadaslar BlackShot  oyununa ait kullanabileceginiz bu hile botu ile rakiplere

zor anlar yasatabilirsiniz.

In the Downloadfile there is a full guide on how to use the hack with step by step info but i will put it here as well!
Also The Scan/paste codes + nif files are in the Download.
Dont forget to press thanks if it helped you cause i did take alot of time to make this guide for you guys!

This method may work with the old nutella files if you rename them to Hamilton.nif (i DID NOT TEST other nif files so dont blame me if it doesnt work with other nif files)

Here some FAQ: -What do i need to use this hack?
-ProcessHacker (download on sourgeforce)
-Sigma Engine (can be found on
-A little bit of common sence
-A little bit of fast fingers

-Why does my Blackshot close?
-Maybe you where to slow?
-Check if you did everything in the right order?
-If you are not using wind10 64bit, i did not test it on any other Windows so maybe it just doesnt work on your windows

-Can i get banned for this hack?
-Ofcourse you can, never hack on your main account!
-If you have a good main account make sure you use a VPN to play cause If your “noob account” gets banned they check the IP.

-Where can i find a good VPN?
-Look around on the internet you will find one very fast.

-How to use this hack?
-Make sure you have Sigma, processhacker, scancode and pastecode on you Desktop.
-Copy the Hamilton.nif and the Green file (From normalChams OR Bighead) to Blackshot/Data/character/kei and paste it here.
-Open the scan code, Select all (Ctrl+a) then copy all (Ctrl+c).
-Open Paste code (leave it open but dont do anything with it yet).
-Now open Blackshot Launcher. (Typ in your ID and Password But dont login yet) read the following steps before pressing the start button.
-When you press start open processhacker (as administrator!)
-When you see the nProtect logo in the downright corner disappear suspend Gamemon64.des (For fast suspend Click it and then press Ctrl+S)
-Leave processhacker open.
-Now let Blackshot start up.
-When you come to the Connect screen go back to processhacker and suspend Blackshot and then suspend Gamemon (In this order)
-When you have them all suspended you will see they should be grey in the list.
-Now open Sigma engine.
-By process select Blackshot.exe (To select a process click the topright PC icon under the file button)
-Now chance your ‘scan type’ to array of byte.
-Now you have to paste the Code you copied in the beginning of these steps next to hex
-under Value on the right side of hex click the textentry and press Ctrl+V now your code should be there.
-Now press First scan.
-On the Left side of sigma now there should be 2 number codes under Adress-Value.
-Rightclick the first one and press Browse this memory region.
-Now open the Paste code (should still be open since the beginning of this process) and select all(Ctrl+a) and copy (Ctrl+c)
-In the code you should see number 43 somewhere in the left top corner, Click it (should make the number blue)
-Now press Ctrl+v you should see the code change a bit.
-Do the same for the second code under Adress-Value.
-When you did all of this close Sigma engine and go back to processhacker.
-Resume the 3 suspended processes in this order (Gamemon64 – Gamedes – Blackshot)
-For fast resuming press Ctrl+U
-When you resumed all processes Close Processhacker ASAP!
-Go back to blackshot connect to a server go into a room (Dont start the game, just wait in a room)
-After 5-60 sec it should say Abnormal action was detected Client will be terminated DONT CLICK OK JUST WAIT
-After 10sec it should give an error with 2 weird signs now you can click OK, connect to the server again go into a room
-Change your Graphic setting from low to high or from high to low
-Now you hack should be activated.
-If it didnt work try it again i know its a hard process but once you get to know it its easy.


BlackShot Hileleri WALLHACK ve Bighead Yeni suspending method İNDİR

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