Borderlands Weapon Mod 1.6.2 Minecraft 1.6.2


Borderlands Weapon Mod 1.6.2 Minecraft 1.6.2

Borderlands Weapon Mod 1.6.2 – Download The Borderlands Weapon Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2. Hello minecrafters! this mod is adds a variety of items such as randomly generated pistols and shotguns, randomly generated shields (which go in the chest armor slot), randomly generated grenade mods (which go in boot armor slot, g to throw grenades by default), Marauders, Psychos, Eridium, and more from Borderlands to your singleplayer and multiplayer Minecraft experience. Interesting right ? if you want to download and install this Borderlands Weapon Mod 1.6.2, just see my post below

Borderlands Weapon Mod 1.6.2 Features

  • Randomly generated pistols and shotguns. (rarity from white to orange, varying manufacturers, sprites, damage, recoil, and more, while in hand ammo indicator appears at bottom left, can drop randomly from mobs, press r to reload)
  • Randomly generated shields. (blocks incoming damage, varying capacities, recharge delay, and more, shown over hp as blue hearts, goes in chest slot, can drop randomly from mobs)
  • Randomly generated grenade mods. (goes in boot slot, press g by default to throw, has random blast radius, fuse time, manufacturer, and type, which includes singularity, MIRV, transfusion, and more)
  • ECHO communicator. (shows enemy HP and name when looking at them, goes in legs slot)
  • Marauders (spawns with random weapon)
  • Psychos (chance to spawn as midgets)
  • Many more…

Borderlands Weapon Mod 1.6.2 Changelogs

Small update to attempt to fix a server bug. Also added three test achievements and shotgun midgets (small chance to spawn instead of Marauders). Other small fixes.

Big thank and credit must go to IrunoHatake as developers this awesome Borderlands Weapon Mod 1.6.2. We really appreciate and enjoy playing minecraft with this mod, i hope you can make another popular mods in the future like Borderlands Weapon Mod 1.6.2.

Borderlands Weapon Mod 1.6.2 Installations for Minecraft 1.6.2

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download Borderlands Weapon Mod 1.6.2
  3. Then just drag this Borderlands Weapon Mod zip into the .minecraft/mods folder.
  4. Run Minecraft and Enjoy

Download Borderlands Weapon Mod 1.6.2 for Minecraft 1.6.2

Ok, minecrafters is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about Borderlands Weapon Mod 1.6.2 changelogs, latest details and features update. You can share by comment below to complete this Borderlands Weapon Mod 1.6.2 post. Thank you for visiting and see you soon on another minecraft mod post category or update from Borderlands Weapon Mod 1.6.2

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