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Brawl Stars Starr Drop rework and changes introduced in the latest November 2023 Update

A Starr Drop serves as an unexpected reward earned through victorious matches, replacing traditional boxes in Brawl Stars. Accessible after reaching 50 Trophies, players can receive up to three Starr Drops daily, offering diverse rewards such as coins, power points, gems, brawlers, skins, and pins. The Legendary Starr Drop, initially introduced in June 2023 Update, has undergone modifications, and had a rework in the recent November 2023 update in Brawl Stars. These adjustments aim to enhance the gameplay experience.

Brawl Stars November 2023 Update: Starr Drop rework

The New Starr Drops update includes the following:

  • Super Rare Starr Drops can now gain some Cosmetics.
  • Epic and Mythic Starr Drops sacrifice certain Progressions but offer a broader array of Cosmetics and Brawlers.
  • Legendary Starr Drops holds significantly greater value.
  • Duplicated cosmetics yield bling rather than credits.

Legendary Starr Drop reworks

Brawl Stars June 2023 Brawl Talk, Brawl Stars starr drops
Image via Supercell
  • Legendary Starr Drops will no longer offer Gadgets, Pins, Sprays, or Profile icons. These items will now be exclusive to Mythic Starr Drops.
  • Legendary Starr Drops will exclusively feature Star Powers, Hypercharges, and brawlers ranging from Epic to Legendary rarities, along with Super Rare and Epic Skins.
  • Resources from Legendary Starr Drops are still attainable, but solely as fallback rewards.
  • Implementing this change without augmenting the overall reward distribution required us to recalibrate resources in other rarities. Consequently, Coins and Token Doublers experienced a minor reduction, while the probabilities for Gadgets, Starr Powers, and Hypercharges were enhanced.

Balancing rewards and resources

To incorporate these adjustments without changing the overall reward distribution, the developer team at Supercell Games had to rebalance resources in other rarities. Consequently, Coins and Token Doublers saw a slight reduction.

As a counterbalance, the probabilities of acquiring Gadgets, Starr Powers, and Hypercharges have been augmented. This recalibration ensures a consistent overall value of rewards.

What are your thoughts on the Starr Drop rework in the latest Brawl Stars November 2023 Update? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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