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Bright Shadow: Episode One

Gamepot (USA), Inc., the U.S. publishing division of Japanese gaming behemoth Gamepot, Inc., is excited to announce the release of EPISODE I, the first major content expansion for its anime-inspired, uniquely fun MMO
Bright Shadow: Episode I, features all-new content, including quests, monsters and items. The expansion also brings new skills to all the classes. Players will certainly need these skills, as the new continent beckons with never-before-seen challenges.

“Our new expansion gives experienced players a chance to expand their suite of skills, and provides the perfect point to enter the world of Bright Shadow for new players,” said Thomas Lee, Senior Director of Business Development. “This is the first of many steps we’re taking to fulfill the promise of Bright Shadow—we’ve got a ton planned, and are dedicated to providing stellar service for our players.”

Beginning February 9th, 2010, players can look forward to:

New Class Specialization Options!
Magicians can transform into Exorcists; Machinists can pistol-whip their way to Gunslingers; Fighters can unleash their inner Demon Slayers…and much more!

New Items!
Bright Shadow Episode I offers even more items to a robust character customization system. Over 500 outfits, hairstyles, weapons and more are available for players to mix and match as they wish.

New Continent
Brand new day, Brand new Umbra. Awakening monsters will show no mercy! Travel to seven new locations and four frightful dungeons to battle these all-new foes!


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