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Browser Game FIFA Online

Browser Game FIFA Online

FIFA Online
FIFA Online is a a browser-based soccer game will include a World Cup mode as one of its features. See your players grow in ability the more matches they play. Statistics grow your talent from diamonds in the rough to regular first team players. Slip on the old sheepskin coat and take control of your team. Man-manage your squad to get the best out of them. Select the the first 11, choose the formation and and make the key mid-match decisions that make the hallmarks of the next great club manager. Choose your favourite club and lead them to domestic league glory. Begin your campaign as the new manager with a mission to lead your club to greatness. Take on the challenge for turning around your team’s fortunes by winning matches, earning In Game Currency and using the proceeds to sign new players improve your chances of winning future games. Play offline against the CPU and measure your progress against friends. Showcase your football skills and management expertise and challenge friends to do better by earning Manager Experience Points (XP).


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