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Cabal Online EP3 servers Cheats (tested on IPU/OGRealms/elite)

okay, i stopped playing cabal so i decided to post you the way to use MHS on EP3 servers. with MHS you can use no-delay hack and map hack on ep3 servers, which are very useful. I wont post how to use MHS cuz it can be found on forums, so i will post only way to make mhs invisible for anti-cheats in ep3 server.

1. Make new account on your PC and protect it by password (if you dont know how to do it, not my fault – seems you are not worth using it)
2. Download mhs 6.1
3. open mhs. go to Tools > options > acc. Tick the “Enable layer 1 protection” and set it to 4 – 4 – 2 – 2 – 13
4. close mhs
5. use right mouse click on MHS icon, and find something like “open as” or something like that, i dont know how it’s exacly called in English – i use polish win xp.
6. choose the new made pc account, put password. It should look like that:

7. Start Cabal, Click open Process in mhs and tick “Open in restricted Mode”
8. Attach Cabalmain.exe to MHS in login window.

enjoy hacking on ep3 servers

ps. dont pm me with questions, this guide is clear enough to make it work


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