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Candy Cave v1.0 Hileli Apk Mod Yeni Versiyon indir

Candy Cave v1.0 Hileli Apk Mod Yeni Versiyon indir


This update brings a new crafting system! The furnace lets you combine items you find in the world, or repair items you already have.
Your crafting recipe book starts out with a few basic recipes, and as you play the game you find more recipe scrolls you can add to your book!
With the new system comes a lot of new collectable items that can be found in the world and used as ingredients.
In the next update we’re planning to add online multiplayer, so keep an eye out for that! :)
Don your cloak, and wield your sword as you fight your way through the cavernous levels of Candy Cave! Customize your own character with fun armor and cool hair styles. Dressup like the princess of Candytopia!★★★ MULTIPLAYER! ★★★
Hop on the same WIFI network* to play Candy Cave with your friends! No other multiplayer setup is necessary, just tap play!

★ Local Multiplayer!
★ Free to Play!
★ Hair Potions!
★ Girl and Boy Avatars!
★ Edible Enemies!
★ Dress Up!
★ Candy Themed Clothing!
★ Candy!
“this game is so addictive” – Our Mom

Candy Cave is free to play, but real money can be spent for certain items.

*Does not work yet on some public networks, such as some coffee shops or Airports.

★★★ Early Version ★★★
This is an early version of the game. Over the coming weeks and months there will be many changes and additions to the game.


Candy Cave v1.0 Моd Apk


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