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Castle Defenders 1.5.1 Mod Minecraft 1.5.1

Castle Defenders 1.5.1 Mod Minecraft 1.5.1

Castle Defenders 1.5.1 Mod Changelogs v2.4

  • Hold up a medalion to get your Defenders to follow you. (Found in enemy castles)
  • Some changes for health and attackstrenght for most mobs.
  • The enemy Defenders now attack your defenders on sight.

Castle Defenders 1.5.1 Mod Items

  • Archer/Knight Tier One Blocks
  • Archer/Knight Tier Two Blocks
  • Mercenary Tier One/Two Blocks
  • Healer Block: The Healer Block is unlocked after the player defeats 3 enemy castles. The spawner is created with medallions found in these castles.
  • Find CastleStone
  • Build a Castle
  • Make villager/Job blocks so you can rule over the people
  • Take the game of peaceful and fight wave after wave of enemies(randomly generated and randomly placed about 1000 to 10000 squares a way form your Castle)

Castle Defenders 1.5.1 Mod Installations for Minecraft 1.5.1

  1. It is always good to backup minecraft before instaling Castle Defenders 1.5.1 Mod.
  2. Install the latest Minecraft Forge
  3. Move the “CastleDef” folder from the “CastleDefese.rar” to bin/mincraft.jar. Use Winrar to open minecraft.jar.
  4. Play

How to install SMP version

  1. Follow the instructions above.
  2. Install Minecraft Forge onto the mincraft_server.jar
  3. Move the “CastleDef” folder from the “CastleDefese.rar” to mincraft_jar.
  4. Run the server.

Download Castle Defenders 1.5.1 Mod for Minecraft 1.5.1


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