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Browser Oyunlar

Outer Galaxies

  Outer Galaxies is a new massively multiplayer online browser game from Core Engineering. As today, players can begin and develop illustrious careers as Space Pilots. The MMOG Open Beta Version presents the player with a vast game world composed of 200 solar systems with 4,500 sectors divided into five galaxies. Players compete against thousands of other Space Pilots and …

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Kingory Facebook Launch $88.88 Gift Key Sweeptake

Kingory Facebook Launch $88.88 Gift Key Sweeptake Great news to gamers out there: now you can play Kingory not only on our portal (, but also inside Facebook! To get your key you just need to click on the link bellow. To celebrate the grand launch of Kingory’s Facebook APP version, FreeBrowserGamer and Kingory ( are proud to announce a …

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Dragoon Quest

Dragoon Quest is a Java based browser strategy online game developed by Tiler Games. In Dragoon Quest, players must build their kingdoms, explore the world and expand their territories. Dragoon Quest is an old fashion strategy game. The game graphic is quite similar to the games on Famicom. Dragoon Quest is about the war of three races: Human, Orc and …

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New Medievo

New Medievo Medievo is an 2D massive multiplayer online strategy game played through any browser without the need for plugins. In a medieval world you start your agame with a small village and need to gather resources. Build your structures anywhere you like, as long you own the territory, raise your army and send them to battle! __________________________________________________________________________________________ Genre: Strategy …

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Critter Forge New

Critter Forge is a game building on the flash based game Sorcery Quest. Critter Forge targets a broader and more casual audience. In Critter Forge, the player breeds creatures, each with various and unique genetic traits, which then measure themselves against other players’ creatures in combat. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Genre: RPG Status: Open Beta Graphics: 2D Official Site:

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