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Penguin Cheats

New November 2010 Penguin Style Catalog Secrets

The new November 2010 penguin style catalog secrets are in this post.  The new clothing catalog was released today so here’s the guide showing you where all the hidden items are. To get the November penguin style catalog you need to go into the gift shop on club penguin and the catalog will be on the bottom right hand corner …

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New Club Penguin Series 10 Plush Toys!

Hello Penguins,   My Friend Saraapril Found Some Information About The New Club Penguin Series 10 Plush Toys! Above Each Image, There Is A Description Of The Toy From The Toy Store Website.   Club Penguin Ballerina Plush Toy   Help prepare the Ballerina toy for her ballet performance.With a good deal more grace than most penguins have, this Pink …

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Club Penguin Stamps

Hey Penguins, There’s a new club penguin login screen up today and it’s all about the cp stamps! Check it out! It looks like there’s a lot of stamps out there for us to collect and i’m guessing there’s going to be a lot more once club penguin card jitsu water launches sometime in the next week. What do you …

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November Field Ops Cheats – Mission 22

Hey Penguins, The new club penguin field ops mission for November 2010 is out and here is the how to cheats guide to help you beat the new EPF mission. First you need to log into club penguin and your EPF spy phone will be vibrating meaning there’s a new mission. Click on your EPF spy phone and click to …

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New EPF Mission?

Hey Penguins, According to club penguin there may be a new EPF mission coming soon, not just another field ops mission.  It took club penguin a while to get it ready but it looks like the new Comm Gear that is available may have something to do with it.  Take a look at the new EPF gear you can get …

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