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Penguin Cheats

New Club Penguin Community Garden Tree Grown!

Today I checked out the community garden and I noticed that the community garden tree had grown on Club Penguin! I wonder what the tree will become, maybe an oak tree, willow tree, sickamore tree… well we will have to find out. What do you think the Club Penguin community tree will become? Leave us a comment with your thoughts

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New Club Penguin: Card Jitsu Binder Starter Pack!

Hello penguins! A new Card-Jitsu binder starter pack has been released! This is made to keep your collectible Card-Jitsu cards safe. The Card Jitsu Binder Pack Includes: Collectors Binder Starter Pack 1 – A4 Binder 2 – Booster Packs 1 – Exclusive Pop-up Card 1 – Game Guide Wow! This is an awesome started kit for anyone who is looking to …

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New Club Penguin Pay Day For Tour Guide Only!

Every month Club Penguin have a ‘pay day’ when the beginning of a month starts. Today I noticed that I had only received 500 coins from tour guide work and not for EPF agents. Club Penguin maybe working on a new post card for EPF agents! Right now only tour guides get paid. What do you think about this theory? …

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New New Club Penguin Customizable Duffel Bag

Today, while browsing around the internet, I found some new Club Penguin merchandise! This time, it is a Club Penguin Duffel Bag! You can customize it by choosing a color, and then selecting a picture of your favorite penguin or puffle! That looks awesome! This duffle bag costs $24.95, to customize one, click here. I think that this bag is …

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New Club Penguin Times Issue #242

Club Penguin has released its 242nd issue of The Club Penguin Times! Elite Penguin Force as made it online! Many new things are ahead for all you secret EPF agents. The island is really starting to heat up, and we are all looking for a big adventure waiting ahead. Lets get to the full review: In section A4 of the …

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New Club Penguin Pin – Shell

A new Pin has arrived to Club Penguin, a Shell pin! Follow the steps below on how to add this pin to your penguin. Log on to Club Penguin Go to the Iceberg Walk on top of the pin in the Congratulations! You now have the latest pin on Club Penguin

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