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Silkroad Online

Silkroad Online Bot Downloader

Yeah im sure some people will say its useless, I don’t care I made it out of bordom. You click a button and it downloads the newest version of that bot. Horray! Download the Bot Downloader @ ImperialGamers Virus Scan – Virus Total – 0/39 Yeah im sure some people will say its useless, I don’t care I made it …

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Silkroad Online [K(korean)SRO]How to play!

// Ever wanted to play kSRO(KoreanSRO)? Well I have decided to write a guide to get you started and help you play. So this guide is thorough and detailed so should cover every aspect of the registration and up to spawning in game, so the process can be understood. If you read below you can gather the aspects of this …

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Silkroad Online Auto Enter v1.5 Game Cheats

Hai guys, I know theres like 1,000,000 of these key pressers around, but heres myn anyway ;P Dont really need to explain much, its all self explanatory Feel free to modify to code anyway you like F11,F12 are hotkeys for Start/Stop timer It is possible to login mutliple chars at once using this, it involves renaming the 2nd Silkroad client …

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Silkroad online Auto Res 2.0.9 Hilesi indir

Simply just a Key presser that has a few other functions, it does work on minimized/hidden windows and it will auto accept res. How to Use: Click on the character you want to send give res in the list, click rename, pick your key and delay… Now check the window in the list that you want to accept res… Go …

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