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Silkroad Online

SilkRoad Online Bot Version Checker v1.4 Download

Running Infos : – Extract archive where you want – Run Bot Version Checker.exe – Auto scan new updates to bot Speciality : – It can show Bot’s Version/Download Links/Release notes (Real-Time) – Download links are direct links without ibot.You will press to download and then shown download window – If you dont want to download this program, you can …

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Silroad Online Synx’s Pk2 Edit

Before make any comment I want to say that my aim wasn’t make a graphic pk2 edit, since I see them useless, I wanted to make a pk2 edit with useful and new features. Underbar is the only exception. So long since I announced it. But finally it’s done. I’m proud to present us my first public PK2 Edit: Features: …

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Silkroad Online HardMod 8.0 (v1.246 sro_Client) Download

HardMod Loader HardMod 9.0a (v1.256 SRO_Client) Patches – No disconnect – Swear filter removed – Nude patch – Multiclient – Support for all client based bots – Zoom hack – Server color and status – Chat blocking Commands Window Commands /min – Minimizes Silkroad /mini – Mini SRO window /wind – Windowed mode /tray – Minimizes Silkroad to the system …

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SilkRoad Auto Buff 0.13 (Beta) Download

The purpose of this tool is a multi functional auto buffer, it can do basically whatever you would want it to do. * Switch weapons and buff. * Give Cleric / Warrior Buffs to full partys. and many more combinations. Auto Buff can be used without SBot as well, just make sure you dont check stop / start bot. How …

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Silkroad Online Auto Res 2.0.9 Download

Simply just a Key presser that has a few other functions, it does work on minimized/hidden windows and it will auto accept res. How to Use: Click on the character you want to send give res in the list, click rename, pick your key and delay… Now check the window in the list that you want to accept res… Go …

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