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CellFactor: Revolution

CellFactor: Revolution

After a series of cataclysmic events, the planet is now dominated by a massive corporate superpower kown as the LIMBO Corporation. LIMBO’s sole purpose is to advance technology in new ways, regardless of the human cost. This pursuit of technology led LIMBO to maintain control over what remains of the human race through the development of an advanced army of super-powered soldiers, some of which possess a new kind of telekinetic ability that LIMBO calls PSI powers. In CellFactor: Revolution you’ll battle on both sides of the war between LIMBO Corporation and the human resistance, kown as GUARD. GUARD has hijacked some of LIMBO’s technology in order to create its own warriors. The game takes place across five unique landscapes controlled by LIMBO Corporation – each with environmental hazards and distinct opportunities for unexpected attacks.

Status: Discontinued
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