Clash Of Clans Süper Bot Clash Game Bot v4.0.1 İlk Bizde indir


Clash Of Clans Süper Bot Clash Game Bot v4.0.1 İlk Bizde indir

clash of clans

Clash Of Clans Oyununa ait yeni cıkmış olan bu güncel oyun botunu asagıdaki

vermiş oldugumuz linkten indirip hemen deneyebilirsiniz.

Hile botunu kullanmadan önce virüs taraması yapınız ondan sonra kullanınız.


  • CoC English language check improved, should work for everyone
  • Unnecessary Weak Base checking fixed
  • Fix for never getting a match with Weak Base option together with Dual Search mode
  • Search reduction is now applied separately for Dual Search Mode (Dead / Live Base) (affects only if you use “Enabled after X skips”)
  • Bot now does not crash if you have more than 11 troops/spells/heroes/cc available while attacking
  • Bot now does not crash while checking for remaining troop, if it deployed all your available units
  • Heroes [Queen] automatic ability activation fixed
  • Clan Castle troop request disabling is fixed
  • Custom Troop Wizard training is fixed
  • Dark Troop training is now balanced
  • Auto Start feature now does not cause bot and PushBullet remote control to malfunction
  • TH Snipe zoom out issue is fixed
  • Fixed the log for dark elixir and trophy gain after the attack
  • Fixed “End battle when no resources left”
  • Save one builder for wall upgrading logic error fixed
  • Unbreakable mode “excess cloud watching time”
  • Zoom out endless loop fixed
  • King Deployment fixed
  • Fixed the problem with reading some troop quantities
  • Improved bot version check
  • Improved OCR


  • Troop training is now done using the new army view button
  • New army view is used to detect available number of barracks and dark barracks
  • TH Snipe GBarch attack now comes with the official release
  • Early Detection for Take-A-Break warning
  • Added 2nd attempt to read Take-A-Break text for slow PC, VM and VPS after a short delay.
  • Return of the “Not a Dead Base” “Not a Live Base” “Not a Weak Base for Dead/Live Base” info message while searching
  • New Dark Spells are now recognized
  • Manual locating (Town Hall, Barracks, Clan Castle, Laboratory, Spell Factory) is improved
  • Prevention of bot going out of screen when moving
  • When using automatic positioning of BlueStacks and Bot, bot will no longer accidentally go off the screen with BS
  • v4.0 addition of ignoring level 6-7-8 Elixir Collectors for TH9-10s is removed


Clash Of Clans Süper Bot Clash Game Bot v4.0.1 İlk Bizde indir


Clash Of Clans Süper Bot Clash Game Bot v4.0.1 İlk Bizde indir

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