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Club Penguin: Mission 11 and Herbert’s Revenge Theory! New

Hello penguins, Waddleboy200 here to show you my theory about what will happen in Mission 11: The Veggie Villain, and how it will tie in to the DS game, Herbert’s Revenge!

First of all, at the community garden, we grew pizza plants. If you look at the trees closely in  latest sneak peek of Mission 11 that Billybob gave us, you will see there has been an overgrowth of pizza trees! Also, the Earth Day garden is gone:

How can we be sure that Herbert is behind this? Well, if you did Mission 10, the mission ended with Gary wondering what Herbert could want with a pack of seeds he had left behind! It seems like Herbert was planning another mischievous plan for Mission 11!

How will this new mission tie into Herbert’s Revenge? Well, On May 1st, Billybob gave us this sneak peek:

As you can see, Herbert has seeds, drawings, plans, and experiments for the trees he is planning to grow! I think this is how Herbert’s Revenge will connect to The Veggie Villain, as Billybob said it would!

What do you think the new mission will be about? If you are not yet a secret agent, click here for the guide to become one. If you have not completed Missions 1-10, click here for the cheats for the first 10 missions!


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