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Club Penguin Stamps Cheats – How To Earn Club Penguin Stamps!

Club Penguin has released two new features for penguins which are the Stamps and the Stamp book. Here is a full guide about Stamps including what stamps are, your Stamp Book and how to earn Stamps.

First of all, you would like to know what Stamps are. Stamps are type of stickers which you will be collecting around the island with your buddies.

Club Penguin stamps are earned by doing activities. When you earn Stamps, moved to your Stamp Book. In the Stamp book, you can show other penguins your pins and Stamps that you’ve collected. To find your Stamp Book and other penguin’s Stamp Books, click on the Stamp button on their player cards.

If you are wondering how to earn a specific Stamp, you must hover over the empty spot in your Stamp Book and it will explain.

These Stamps are a great idea and feature by Club Penguin. We all remember when everybody was excited about the Penguin Mail feature but now, new stuff are about to change!


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