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Club Penguin Times Issue #243

Club Penguin has released the 243rd issue of Club Penguin times! Its big, its fun, its an adventure! The adventure party is on its way! Keep an eye open for this party, you might need to go on an adventure just to find it! With all this new agent stuff, summer is here for the US! It’s time to hit the beach, and get out your surf boards! School is out, lets see what Club penguin has in store for us this summer:

Club Penguin tells us the plans they had tucked away from us. A huge adventure party is on the way! This party is full of pirates and new things waiting to be discovered. Club Penguin always has things hidden away in this party, keep an eye out for hidden things.

On page A4 Club Penguin discusses how to call rockhopper! Because of all the pirates coming to Club Penguin, is that a *hint* telling us Rockhopper is coming to Club penguin? Our tracking meter is going crazy!

Ruby and the Ruby is returning to the stage! Be sure to check it out, with all these other updates coming also:

  • June 11th: Ruby and The Ruby at the stage.
  • June 11th: New Postcards.
  • June 18th: New Pin
  • June 18th: New Better Igloos, and Igloo Upgrades catalog.
  • June 25th: New Igloo Music.


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