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Combat Arms Hotkey hack Down

I have no idea why obama removed my last attachtment
Maybe because the filesize (or hash) didn’t match with the scanned file, no worries it wasn’t a virus, I scanned my file before I acctualy put the sourcecode inside the hack, So here’s the revised & rescanned version

note to obama: Would you please tell me next time why you removed my attachment?

The sourcecode is still included, & some options are still optinal
If I have time, I will soon add ptc commands (wich will be optinal aswell, only chams and/or no spread)

insert, activates all features in 1 click

1. opt wallhack (magic bullets)(optinal)
2. no recoil
3. no reload
3. opt glass walls (optinal)

Wallhack/Magic bullets: You can shoot at people(and kill ofc) through the walls
No recoil: Your weapon won’t go pumping out of control if you’re shooting
No reload: You don’t have to reload (note: although you can shoot wile you should be reloading, those bulets won’t deal any damage)
Glass walls: See the ss below, you can see through walls
Opt: This option is optinal, you can chose not to use this feature (Inject another dll, AllFeats.dll will contain all the features)
Me and me only
if you use the source provided to make & release your own hacks, you MUST give credits
Yes Solify I found my own addies, I had more than enouch time, they haven’t changed for a while

download hotfile:Combat Arms Hotkey hack Down


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