Combat Arms Public Hack – Flameswor10 Menu v4.3 – Download


Combat Arms Public Hack – Flameswor10 Menu v4.3 – Download

Flameswor10 Menu v4.3 Features:

  • NX Chams: Lets you see enemies through walls
  • No Spread & No Recoil: Allows you to shoot your gun without it moving. Your bullets also fly straight where the crosshair is shooting.
  • xHair & oHair: Shows a crosshair or a circlehair
  • No fog: Disables fog. (useful for Snow Valley)
  • Fly: Allows you to fly(press alt in midair)
  • RageQuit: Closes CA (Please be careful)
  • AIRSTRIKEZOR: A weird form of telekill.
  • Activation: Allows you to pickup weapons, activate doors from far away. and pickup SuperSoldier boxes.
Welcome to Flameswor10 Menu [v4.3], Chams and ESP have been removed for this update as it was causing some problems with compatibility. The hotkeys are as follows: Insert = Open/Close Menu, Delete = AIRSTRIKEZOR, Home = Please press home before pressing Insert (Makes sure you won’t d/c after 2/3 games), Alt = Fly (Press jump, then press alt to fly up. it is controlable

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