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Counter Strike CSGO Hile 03.03.2018 – Legit CS:GO Cheat Backtracking Aimbot

Counter Strike CSGO Hile 03.03.2018 – Legit CS:GO Cheat | Backtracking | Aimbot | Skinchanger |

1. Zip dosyasını indirip ayıklayın
2. CSGO’yu açın
3. Enjektör ve dll’nin aynı klasöre konduğundan emin olun
4. Enjektörü açın ve enter tuşuna basın
5. Menüyü açmak için oyundayken Ekle veya F6’ya basın.


Active – Master Switch
Friendly Fire – Aimbot at teammates
Backtracking – Shoot enemies up to 200ms in the past
Backtrack Time Adjuster – Adjusts Backtrack time (miliseconds), 200 = default
Auto Pistol – Auto fires pistol when held
Key – Activates aimbot while pressing the key, LBUTTON is recommended
FOV – The field of view where the aimbot will be operating
Smooth – The smoothness of the aimbot. Higher = Smoother
RCS – Recoil Control System. Higher = More recoil compensation
Hitbox Mode – Where the aimbot will target
Show Spread – Visualizes weapon spread


Active – Master Switch
Delay – Delay before triggerbotting
Key – Activates triggerbot while pressing the key
Hitchance – Chance of hitting enemy
Filter – Hitboxes where the triggerbot will fire


Active – Master Switch
Team Check – Only enable visuals for enemies


Death ESP – Toggles ESP when you die
Box – Draws boxes around players
Name – Draws names of players
Health – Draws the health of players
Weapon – Draws the weapon of players
Skeleton – Draws the skeleton of players
Chams – Changes material of players to a bright visible colour
Glow – Glow around players
Bomb Carrier – Shows who is the bomb carrier
Show Backtracking – Visualizes backtracking


Bomb – Draws dropped/planted bomb
Grenades – Draws labels on grenades
Dropped Weapons – Draw dropped weapons on the ground


Hands – Changes material of your hands
DLight – Light under players
Defuser – Shows who has a defuser
Grenade Trajectory – Shows grenade path
Radar – Show enemies on radar without spotting them


No Visual Recoil – Disables the visible recoil
FOV – Increases your field of view, 0 to disable
VFOV – Changes your viewmodel FOV beyond the limits
No Flash – Disables flashbang blinding effect
Remove Scope Border – Disables the rendering of scope border
Sniper Crosshair – Enables a crosshair for snipers
Recoil Crosshair – Shows the recoil patterns when you shoot
Streamer Mode – Disables visuals and watermark
Streamer Name – Hides your real name, do it when in-game before opening scoreboard


Bunny Hop – Always hit bunny hops
Auto Strafe – Auto strafe when bunny hopping
Night Mode – Makes the world dark
Hitmarker – Draws a hitmarker when you shoot a player
Hitsound – Sound played when shooting a player
Spectator List – Shows who is spectating you
Reveal Ranks – Reveal player ranks in competitive
Auto Accept – Auto accept matches
Enemy Purchases – Shows what enemies buy at round start
Slide Walk – Self explanatory
Disable Post-Processing – Disables postprocessing effects
Tooltips – Toggle tooltips
Wingman – Displays messages/warnings to help you, you’re wingman
Sulfurious Clantag – Self explanatory
Chat Spammer – Spams in chat
Configs – Save and load configurations
Autoexec – Autoloads your autoexec upon startup
Death Slowdown – Slows enemy deaths
Death Gravitation – Gravity of death
Red – Red ambient lighting in the world
Green – Green ambient lighting in the world
Blue – Blue ambient lighting in the world
Unload Cheat – Unloads the cheat
Custom Clantag – Set your own custom clantag
Animated Clantag – Set an animated custom clantag
Custom Name – Set a custom name for yourself
Delay Packets – Delay packets sent to server


Counter Strike CSGO Hile 03.03.2018 – Legit CS:GO Cheat Backtracking Aimbot İNDİR


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