Counter Strike Hileleri 2014 X-Hair [universal x-hair] indir


Counter Strike Hileleri 2014 X-Hair [universal x-hair] indir


Merahaba arkadaslar Counter Strike  oyunu için oyun hilesi arayan kullanıcılarımız

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So I was impressed with the unholy1096’s x-hair as I used for the linux native version of csgo under wine, but I felt it was missing a few options that I felt I personally needed. So I whipped this up in Delphi and so far works a treat on all the games I have tested it on.

Very simple X-hair with color options and offsets incase its not lining up exactly as it should, and a simple to use GUI, nothing special but it does what its meant to do and should be undetectable as it has nothing to do with the game you are using.

* Color – Change the color of the crosshair on the fly at any time and any color
* OffSet – Change the position of the X-hair to adjust the position at any time
* Size – Change the size of the X-hair at any time
* GUI – Easy to use gui to adjust the X-hair just how you want, also with an On/Off switch


TURBOBİT:Counter Strike Hileleri 2014 X-Hair [universal x-hair] indir

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