CrossFire Gluzz V1 – Multi-Tool indir -Download


CrossFire Gluzz V1 – Multi-Tool indir -Download

I got most of the ideas off of the forum but this is completely my coding except for the injector which i have had for such a long time i don’t remember who originally gave it to me, but i’ll give credit to Takari for his tutorial because it’s almost the same.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy. If you do, give me feed back on what features you like / don’t like / want to see so i can make a second version with more features.

– Crossifre Injector
– KDR Calculator
– In-Game Clock
– Quick access links to the CrossFire Website
– CrossFire Launcher
– Web Browsers
– IM Spammer
– Computer Information Checker
– Various Windows Applications
– Email Bomber
– SMS Sender
– Quick access links to Email Websites
– MPGH Online Time Farmer
– Quick access links to various MPGH Pages.


DOWNLOAD HOTFİLE:CrossFire Gluzz V1 – Multi-Tool indir -Download

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