CrossFire Hilesi TrollerCoaster Trigger Bot v2.1 Hile Botunu indir


CrossFire Hilesi TrollerCoaster Trigger Bot v2.1 Hile Botunu indir

Hi! This is a fully functioning triggerbot. It will shoot for you when you move your mouse over an enemy. Works with all weapons.


1. Execute & Load CrossFire fully
1a. Make sure Crossfire is running in 800×600 resolution, or I can garuntee you this will not work.
2. Launch TriggerBot, and let it inject. *3
3. Adjust TriggerBot settings to how you want. *1
4. Press “Start” on TriggerBot if you are comfortable with the settings.
5. It will now start searching for enemies in your crosshair. *2

*1 It is highly recommended to set a number above 40 in the numeric input box if you have a slow computer. The number 50 in the box will make the program click 20 times per second upon enemy detection. Three Round Burst uses a formula relating to the numeric input of milliseconds. Delay may interfere with the COOLDOWN setting.

*2 Ctrl + Alt + N is required to shut down the TriggerBot

*3 If it can not find crossfire.exe, you may have to shut it down through task manager. Ctrl + Alt + N will work in most cases.

The first numeric box adjusts COOLDOWN. COOLDOWN is the delay between each shot.
The second numeric box adjusts DELAY. DELAY is how long before the gun actually starts shooting. This may interfere with the COOLDOWN setting(add DELAY and COOLDOWN for overall cooldown)
The third check box adjusts three round burst. It should be self-explanatory.

TriggerBot v2.1(–v10.5–) ( You are using this one )
*Added a “delay” shoot. Should increase sniper accuracy. *4
*Added more compatibility(as always)
*Added support for resolution 1024×768. Program MAY use more CPU due to this. The program still and only calibrates for 800×600, so 1024×768 may not work in some cases.
*If the gun shoots too soon when placing mouse over enemy, restart TriggerBot, and increase the DELAY

*This program is most compatible with x64, and may take a lot of work to get it working with the x86 computers. Number 1 solution is to run on the [SYSTEM] Administrator account.

*You may have to disable UAC for this to work. The only problem I’ve diagnosed is that you need both programs running on the same or higher level. So run as admin

*If you find it is not working, and you are playing on a 1024×768 resolution, try playing in 800×600 resolution. This MIGHT fix the problem ( not in all cases )


DOWNLOAD HOTFİLE:CrossFire Hilesi TrollerCoaster Trigger Bot v2.1 Hile Botunu indir

DOWNLOAD WUPLOAD:CrossFire Hilesi TrollerCoaster Trigger Bot v2.1 Hile Botunu indir

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