Cube Wars Hileleri Sınırsız Mermi


Cube Wars Hileleri Sınırsız Mermi

Cube Wars Hileleri Sınırsız Mermi

Cube Wars oyununa ait hile eklentisi mi aradınız cevabınız evet ise hemen deneyebilirsiniz.


Cube Wars Hileleri Sınırsız Mermi İNDİR

  1. Download and Install Cheat Engine.
  2. Log in to your Facebook account then Open Cube Wars game. ( Use some Bullets Before activating the Ammo Hack)
  3. Download and Extract the AobswapPlugin.lua file.
  4. Move the file to your Cheat Engine Directory inside the folder called Autorun.
    example C:Program Files > Cheat Engine > autorun
  5. Now, open Cube Wars CT File, then click select process, select process in accordance with your browser (Ex : FlashPlayerPlugin for firefox or chrome.exe for google chrome)
  6. Next steps, Tick the little box corresponding to the Hacks and when cross sign appears that means hack is Enabled.
  7. Enjoy the Hack and keep in touch for more updates.

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