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DOFUS is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. As a mixture of video game and interactive animated cartoon, DOFUS brings a new concept within online games. With its oneiric graphics inspired by mangas, its tactical gameplay and its cynical humour, this game is in a class of its own among other MMORPGs. Experienced players are appealed by its unique fighting system which is based on strategy – quite rare in MMORPGs. Casual players also like it for being easily accessible. Despite a huge content and a great amount of functionalities, DOFUS manages to escape the major drawback of downloadable MMORPGs, for it does not exceed 100 Mb, while its system requirements remain minimal.
The DOFUS world is constantly evolving as new things are regularly added to it: new monsters to confront, entire new regions, and new functionalities.
DOFUS can be played on Windows®, Mac® or Linux, with very basic configurations, and you do not have to save anything since everything is stored online. The game has already seduced over 3,500,000 players around the world and the DOFUS community keeps growing day after day.
DOFUS is free to download and play on a massive area, subscription gives access to extra contents.

Official Site:

Dofus Overview and Features:

  • 22 characters (each one has its own characteristics)
  • 17 vast areas
  • More than 360 different spells
  • A large bestiary (from coward tofus to deadly dragons)
  • A huge amount of quests
  • 30 professions
  • A merchant mode
  • Choice on destiny (a hero or a bandit)
  • A friendly and fast growing community
  • Regular updates with new content

Dofus takes place in the ‘The World of Twelve’ (although many players just refer to it as the Dofus World), named after the 12 character classes which inhabit it. Players control a 2D avatar (with a slight anime/manga feel) belonging to one of the 12 character classes in a 3rd person view.
As with any other massively multiplayer online role-playing game, players gain levels by obtaining experience. As in most other MMORPGs, experience can be gained by defeating monsters and completing quests. With each level, players gain 5 characteristic points and 1 spell point: which can be used to improve the characteristics of a player and upgrade their spells. As a character’s level advances, new spells and equipment becomes available. Players recive a special ‘aura’ when they reach level 100, and gain another at 200. The maximum level a player can be is 200. Players may also decide to take up professions and frequently band together to undertake dungeons. Many also become part of guilds, letting them interact with others more easily.
Although the majority of the game is PvE (Player Vs Environment) Dofus does provide some PvP (Player Vs Player) opportunities – mainly in the form of alignments (which are more alike to factions rather then true alignment) and ‘tax collectors’ placed by guilds (known as Perceptors).

A Game that Keeps on Evolving
DOFUS is the only videogame that offers regular updates to maintain its players as enthusiastic as ever. Right from the start, 24 characters from 12 different classes, dozens of professions, hundreds of NPCs (Non-Playable Characters), spells and monsters are available. This non-exhaustive list will continue to grow as novelties will regularly be integrated during your various adventures and quests. Most of these updates will be installed without the players noticing, this way they can exclusively concentrate on the game.

2D Graphics of a Rare Beauty
At the opposite of the latest 3D creations, DOFUS opted for a very colorful 2D design. This particular choice makes DOFUS an original videogame with pleasant and unmistakable atmosphere and settings. The poetic and evocative aspect of these graphics emphasizes the warm atmosphere of the game and the attachment of the community to a general good mood, courtesy and to the Role-Playing Universe.

A New Online Game Dimension
Exclusively created for Internet, DOFUS uses the Flash Format MX® for it to work properly. The use of such a format for such a considerable videogame allows anyone to play anywhere, at anytime. Players no longer need to worry about installing, saving or cancelling data. Everything is automatic or very easy to use. The ultimate goal being to offer the players a good quality videogame without all the drawbacks linked to the medium or to the need to own a top-notch computer.

For your character to be the best, you’ll have to handle more than 10 different features: Health Points, Actions Points, Experience, Energy, Alignment, Strength, Vitality, Wisdom, Luck, Agility, Intelligence, etc. This is what makes him a unique being.

Alone or in a team
According to the personality and capacities of your character, you can decide to confront upcoming dangers alone. But, it would also be a good idea to create your guild in order to benefit from your fellow adventurers’ talents. Warrior, Archer, Healer, Protector, Monster Shaman, etc. are as many skills that will save you many times.

DOFUS was released with more than 360 spells available. But when you start your adventure, your character doesn’t have much experience and only knows a few magic tricks. While you scare a little Tofu, perverse Boowolf laughs at you… That’s why you must learn new spells. May they be specific to your character class or may you learn them at the end of a fight, these spells enable you to attack, protect, heal, trick and even summon monsters.

Your character isn’t restricted to spells to attack. He can also use close combat attacks which give him a wider range of offensive techniques to choose from. To improve these attacks, you can buy or make your weapons yourself, weapons that will become more and more devastating.

The Random Factor
Close combat spells and attacks rely on a virtual dice system. You can foresee the damage that you or your opponent will cause but it can never be certain. Stronger, weaker, your features and your equipment also influence the result. A fight will therefore be called a victory only when your opponents bite the dust.

Find the Dofus
Your very first mission will be to find the 6 varieties of Dofus. These extremely powerful eggs are scattered in the universe. Some are more powerful than others and are also rarer. May you succeed to lay hands on the 6 different varieties and the destiny of Amakna will be in your hands.

Become the Master of Amakna
You don’t have to wait until you find all the Dofus to make either order or terror reign upon the universe. Depending on your alignment and your personal objectives, you can create guilds, brotherhoods, orders, clans or any other type of groups to “control” the Province.

Solve Riddles
NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) have a lot of missions in store for you. You’ll get precious clues on where to find the Dofus, or simply discover new items out of these missions.

Win the tournaments
Tournaments are occasionally organized for combat experts to confront each other. Come and wage war to show your talent or simply have fun.

Train other players
Your great experience enables you to teach others the disciplines you now master perfectly. Your trainees will always be grateful to you.

-Characters Classes:
There are 12 character classes in Dofus. Each class has a unique set of spells that other classes can not obtain (although some spells are shared with creatures living in Dofus).

Ecaflip’s Coin
Ecaflips have a cat-like appearance and are the gambler class – with their main theme being chance or luck. They have attacks and bluffs that can be either beneficial or harmful and are seen as the versatile attacker. Weapon speciality: swords.

Sadida’s Boots
A race of tree people that are the invoker class and offensive ranged attacker. Their spells orientate around nature and various voodoo dolls – therefore acting as a secondary summoner in Dofus. They also have a handful of AoE spells and crowd control measures making them a versatile offensive ranged attacker. Weapon speciality: staffs.

Eniripsa’s Hands
Eniripsas have a fairy / pixie appearance that differ depending on the gender of the character. They are the healer or clerics of Dofus with a range of healing and bluff spells. They are also the only class with a weapon speciality in wands.

Osamodas’s Whip
Osamodas are the summoner classes and have a human appearance with horns and a tail. They are able to summon various AI monsters to fight along side them – however the AI of these monsters deter many from selecting this class. They also share many cleric-type spells making them a secondary healer. Due to their many summons, they are balanced supporters with a weapon speciality in hammers.

Iop’s Heart
Iops form the warrior/paladin high-damage-dealing class. They have an elf-like appearance but with no pupil in their eyes. They are the specialist class in Dofus for close combat attackers. Weapon speciality: swords.

Enutrof’s Fingers
Enutrofs are depicted as elderly humans and are known as the treasure hunter class – to which their spells and abilities revolve around. Enutrofs have a higher probability of obtaining rare drops when fighting against monsters in Dofus. They are seen as the multi-purpose ranged supporter class and are the only class with a weapon speciality in shovels.

Cra’s Range
Cras are the elf-like archer class in Dofus making them a specialist long ranged attacker. Many of their spells are linked to the bow and range. Unsurprisingly, they are the only class with a weapon speciality in bows.

Sram’s Shadow
Srams form the assassin/thief character class in Dofus with their appearance differing depending on the gender of the character. Their playing style is said to be more tactical than the other classes – being the only class that lay a variety of hidden traps on the ground and can render themselves invisible to get into close range. As a result – they are evasive close combat attacker with unique weapon speciality in daggers.

Feca’s Shield
Fecas have a human appearance and form the defensive spellcaster class. They are seen as defensive supporters and/or resistant tanks – with spells involving increasing ally resistance to attacks and laying a variety of (spell) glyphs which AoE damage or effects. Weapon speciality: staffs.

Xelor’s Sandglass
Xelors are the specialist denial and crowd control class with their spells focused upon restricting the moves of opponents. However they do have a number of ranged attacks and are therefore seen as the evasive ranged attacker. They have a mummy-like appearance and a weapon speciality in hammers.

Sacrier’s Blood
Sacriers Berserkers and the primary tanks in Dofus. Their spells concentrate around receiving damage to do damage & protecting allies in a tanking role. Their appearance is similar to that of zombies. They are the only class that does not have a weapon speciality.

Pandawa’s Flask
Pandawas are the P2P restricted class – only subscribers have access to this class. As their names suggest, they have a panda-like appearance. Their spells are focus upon making an opponent weaker to attacks and two different states reliant on drinking beer. With their wide variety of spells, they are seen as the multi-purpose balanced close combat fighter. They are the only class with a speciality in Axes.

Whist the game takes place in real-time, combat in Dofus is conducted more like a turn based strategy game – where each player takes it in turns to make a series of moves and attacks within a time limit. As such, when a player attacks monsters – they are transported to a ‘copy map’ where the fighting takes place. Once a fight begins, no other players may join that fight.
Players use a series of spells (which are unique to that character class) to either: attack, heal, buff or drain one’s Action Points (AP) or Movement Points (MP). All actions done in combat (by both players and monsters) consumes an amount of AP and all movement consumes MP.

Characters in Dofus can learn professions. Each character can choose up to 3 normal professions and may choose to specialise in those 3 professions further. There are two categories of professions: collecting and crafting.
Collecting professions involve players going out into the wilderness and collecting natural resources, such as certain wood and flowers.
Crafting professions involve the player piecing collected resources together to make a vast array of different items.
Most often, a collecting profession will lead onto a crafting profession (with the exception of alchemy). Each profession range from level 1 to 100 (but F2P are restricted to a max level of 30). Experience is gained in each profession by gathering the resources of that profession and/or by crafting items. The higher a player’s profession level the more resources that can be obtained (in type, time and quantity), the higher the items that can be crafted and the more a player can carry in his or her rucksack.
Players are able to learn up to three professions, but a new profession cannot be learned until existing are level 30 or higher. Lastly, crafting professions gain access to a special “Magus” specialization at level 65. The Magus specialization allows a crafter to modify the characteristics of the objects using smithmagic, runes and certain potions.

Dofus does offer quests, which can help players gain experience and if often useful at lower levels. However quests easily become complicated and the rewards deminish therefore the bulk of the experience earned by a character comes from grinding and running though dungeons. There are however a handful of quests which completed, even at higher levels, offer great rewards. An example includes the ‘First Weapons’ quest in which the player must defeat eather a White Gobbly, Arachnee, Black Gobbly, or Moskito.


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