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Dota 2 Patch Update Greeviling Mode Added

Dota 2 Patch Update Greeviling Mode Added

Dota 2 Patch Greeviling Mode Added

Christmas is just few days ahead and Valve brings us a new holiday game mode for Dota 2 players out there. Greeviling is similar to Diretide but its based on winter theme. Greeviling mode lets your transform your hero Greevil and gives you powerful abilities based on essences you have picked during game. This is pretty fun game event during this season so, be quick to collect all the good items and couriers!

Here’s a little introduction to Greeviling by Synchrotr0n:

Stealing my post to give an idea about the event for those that can’t play right now.
At the beginning of the game you can chose a hero. You get some starting supporting items and a flute, which you can use to transform your hero into a greevil (and vice versa). The greevil skills (and passives) are granted based on the essences your used. My Voracious Greevil has lvl 2 Shadow Wave, lvl 3 Decrepfy and lvl 3 Echo Slam as skills and 30% critical strike chance, +60 move speed, +60 attack speed, +150 HP, +20 magical armor and +10 attack damage as passives.

Neutral greevils will spawn in both jungles (2 camps in one jungle, 3 camps in the other), which then will alternate to force team to move past the river to find more camps. Clearing a camp will grant your team a present. As you get experience your hero levels up and automatically get items, probably based on the role of your hero. I was Mirana and had Treads, Urn and MKB at the end of the game. The first team that clears 11 greevil camps wins the match and get a nice present, which you can open to find a cosmetic item. The losers also gets a present, but they have inferior quality.

Dota 2 Patch Notes (20 December, 2012):

  • Frostivus arrives…and is cancelled by the Greeviling!
  • Added Polycount Contest Winner Items (11 new hero sets)
  • DotA 6.77 gameplay parity update, you can read changelogs here.

Note: Restart your Steam client to receive auto-update. It may take a while to download due to rush.


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