DotA 6.78 is Coming In July iceFrog


DotA 6.78 is Coming In July iceFrog

DotA 6.78b release date

IceFrog has just spilled the details of v6.78 release date by replying to a fan e-mail. He mentioned that the  DotA 6.78 along with DotA v6.78b will be released before The International 3 (Dota 2 Tournament). The TI3 event will be held from August 7-11, so the new map will be out before then.

DotA 6.78 will be bringing new content and some important balance changes in which will reflect on gameplay of both DotA and Dota2. Competitive heroes such as Magnus, Morphling, Phantom Lancer and Nerubian Assassin might receive remake. It will be a big patch considering the TI3 event, brace yourselves!

Keep an eye on DotA-Utilities for more updates. 

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