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Club Penguin Field Ops

This page will include amazing cheats, guides, tips, how to get 100% on the Elite Penguin Force Test, EPF secrets and much more. It also includes the cheats to the latest Club Penguin Field Ops and is updated whenever a new one is released. All the information created below was created by the Elite Penguin Force, the newer version of …

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New Club Penguin Yellow and White Puffle Pins Cheats

New Club Penguin Yellow and White Puffle Pins Cheats Hi, penguins! Another two Puffle Pins come to Club Penguin today. They are Yellow and White Puffle Pins. Do you like to get them? Check the cheats out! At first, open your Spy Phone or the map, then go to the Mine Shack. You’ll see the Yellow Puffle Pin near the …

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New Club Penguin Time Issue #284 Cheats

New Club Penguin Time Issue #284 Cheats Here is Club Penguin Time Issue #284. You can get a lot of informations from it. And I’ve excerpt the main events for you. Check them out! Explore The Box Dimension Thanks to a bumbling agent, new areas of the Box Dimension have been opened. One expert is mapping out the entire Box …

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Club Penguin Funny Pictures

I have took my own time to make some funny pictures. All funny pictures are related to Club Penguin. If you would like one of your pictures to appear here, comment and I may add it. I will say that you made it, and that’s it. If you copy or use any of these pictures, I want full credit. This …

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New Sneak peak of a new Club Penguin outfit

I have an exclusive to share with you guys! It is a picture of one of the new items/costumes coming February 12, a the new play at the Stage! Here is a picture of what it will look like: Looks pretty cool right? It is very colorful, but sadly it looks like they are all girls’ items! This will be …

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