Sunday , May 28 2023

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New Throw Curved Club Penguin Snowballs!

Whoa, check this out! If you go to the box dimension and throw a snowball, they will curve in mid air! This is insanely awesome! Here’s an animation: I wonder why Club Penguin all of the sudden decides to have wacky snowballs! That’s really cool and may be something important in the future. Who knows?! Thanks 9 icey 1. Also, …

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New 2010 Exclusive Upcoming Club Penguin Stamp!

The stamps have been quite a popular addition to Club Penguin ever since it became available and like every popular upgrade, there are exclusives to be searched for. Today, an exclusive upcoming Club Penguin stamp has been revealed and has been shown no where, except for here. You can view the exclusive upcoming stamp below. The stamp has a blue …

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Club Penguin Times Issue #238

Club Penguin released the Club Penguin Times Issue #238! Finally the Medieval Party will be coming out tomorrow. We have a big adventure on the way, I can’t wait to explore all the quests Club Penguin has put together! I wonder what new items are coming in the new catalog as well! Lets get to the full review: Club Penguin …

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New Club Penguin Pin – Shell

A new Pin has arrived to Club Penguin, a Shell pin! Follow the steps below on how to add this pin to your penguin. Log on to Club Penguin Go to the Iceberg Walk on top of the pin in the Congratulations! You now have the latest pin on Club Penguin

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Club Penguin Times Issue #243

Club Penguin has released the 243rd issue of Club Penguin times! Its big, its fun, its an adventure! The adventure party is on its way! Keep an eye open for this party, you might need to go on an adventure just to find it! With all this new agent stuff, summer is here for the US! It’s time to hit …

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