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Club Penguin Field Ops Cheats

Penguins are very busy due to the fact that the EPF Field Ops mission is now open. Here’s how to complete this mission. First of all, head to the EPF Command Room and click on the Field Ops mission screen. Then a message will pop out telling you that the hidden bomb is somewhere near a big letter “S”. That …

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Rockhopper’s Ship gets closer to the Club Penguin Island!

Rockhopper’s ship, the Migrator, which was spotted in the telescope at the beacon a few days ago, has came closer to the Club Penguin Island! He will be coming to the island on June 21st! Here is how Rockhopper’s ship looks in the telescope: I can’t wait until Rockhopper comes! It is always fun to meet our favorite pirate penguin! …

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How to find Penguin Band on Club Penguin New 2010

Here are tips on how to find the Club Penguin Band on Club Penguin: 1. Use the Club Penguin Band tracker above to find the Penguin Band on Club Penguin. Refresh the Club Penguin Band 2010 tracker! 2. The Penguin Band members usually log into the crowded servers during the popular hours of the day. Penguin Band visits the less …

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Club Cooee Game

Club Cooee Game Club Cooee is the new slick 3-D Chatworld Messenger for your Windows Vista and Windows XP desktop. Members have their own rooms that they can decorate according to their personal tastes also running seamless on the desktop. They can embed music, pictures and videos and turn their rooms into an individual multi-media chat environment. They can invite …

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Club Penguin Reviewed By You New

Club Penguin Reviewed By You New  Music Jam is almost here and you’re going to see a TON of new places to dance. So this week, Billybob would like to know – what’s your favorite dance style? Make sure you leave your comment on the Community Blog. – j0sh95, Team Paintboy Member

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