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New Club Penguin Field Ops Mission #10 Cheats

A new Club Penguin Field Op missions has released, and here are the Field Op cheats: First, click on your EPF Spy Phone on your bottom left: Go to the EPF HQ, and waddle over to the Field Ops screen. Click on it, and Gary will give you your instructions: Accept the mission from Gary. Now, waddle over to the …

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New Club Penguin Tree Getting Smaller!

As you may know the tree at the community garden has been growing allot over the last few months! Well now the tree is starting to shrink and the flowers have dissappeared. Take a look: What do you think is going on? Do you think the tree will keep shrinking or start growing again?

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New Club Penguin Carabiner Pin Cheat

Every 2 weeks, Club Penguin releases another pin for us penguins to find. As a result, Club Penguin has released another hidden pin today! To obtain the newest – pin, read the instructions below. Login Club Penguin Go to the Lighthouse Go towards the boxes, located on the right side of the room. Congratulations, you now have Club Penguin’s newest …

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New Club Penguin Codes 2010

Do you have a Club Penguin code to unlock items ? I’ll be teaching you how to use your codes, and will be giving a couple codes away here on  Here’s how to use a Club Penguin code: 1. Go to the Club Penguin login page. 2. Click on the Unlock Items Online button in the top right. 3. …

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