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Karos Online Interview: Tell Every Aspect of Karos Online Game

Karos Online Interview: Tell Every Aspect of Karos Online Game MMOsite: Many awesome games were firstly touched by Asian players and come to the English-speaking countries at least 3 years later. It seems a damnable rule for game industry, but Karos Online will break the rule. Today, we are so glad to have an interview with Heejin Jeong from NHN, …

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Grand Chase Game

Grand Chase Game Another award goes to Grand Chase for the sheer speed in powerleveling. The dungeons definitely reap huge exp and item rewards. Common item rewards also provide exp modifiers, and certain weekly events give out exp bonuses too. There’s no shortage of quests in the game, thus keeping players busy going through every dungeon and difficulty to reach …

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GodsWar Online Game

GodsWar Online Game You’d expect such a game to fall into obscurity. Instead, GodsWar Online attempts to rise to fame by adding the so-called “AFK System.” As the name implies, players can go AFK while their characters can auto-attack, auto-cast skills, auto-heal and auto-resurrect. It’s the game’s automated interface that makes it a breeze to level up your character. It …

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Wolf Team: Daily Events! Game

Wolf Team: Daily Events! Game Aeria Games announced for the First-Person-Shooter Wolf Team a lot of ingame & offgame events. Every User can find all information easily by having a quick look into the official WolfTeam-Forum hosted by Aeria Games. There are different types of Events. For example “Dropkick”. In this Event you have to knock-down the GM ingame. Immortal? …

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Operation7: ESL Weekend Cup Held Every week Game

Operation7: ESL Weekend Cup Held Every week Game The success with the latests tournaments of ESL Opening cup FIAA GmbH has decided to shedule a new tournament this weekend. In coorporation with ESL FIAA are going to start an 1on1 tournament. It will be held in a K.O. Modus. That means the looser will be eliminated and the winner will …

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