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Online Mmo Gimme Golf

Gimme Golf is a free online golf game that allows friends to compete in virtual tournaments for real cash. Four courses of varying difficulty, complete with lush graphics, and four avatars with distinct skills, and back stories. The multi-player functionality allows you to complete in foursome (or two- or threesome) games, and the chat function allows you to talk smack …

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Online Mmo Enblic

A unique combination of ice hockey-meets-inline skating, ENBLIC is a new concept of online sports game that offers all the excitement and tension of a heated hockey match, while its delicate but powerful game-play focusing on teamwork provides all the thrills of victory in a neck and neck match. Just like a real ice hockey match, players need to catch …

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Online Mmo Shot Online

Shot-Online is a massively multiplayer online golf game produced by OnNet Entertainment. Introduced in 2004, Shot-Online combines the features of a traditional PC golf game with the virtual world and interactivity of a MMORPG. The game is free to download and requires no subscription fees, but you have the option to purchase a variety of usable game items from the …

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Mmo Onverse

  Onverse, or the Online Universe, is a social virtual world. A social world is a world that revolves around hanging out with friends; it’s as simple as that. We built Onverse in this style because it is a great platform to build out from. Why build a world focused on sci-fi, or vehicles, or maybe a western? Why not …

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Mmo Neverdaunt:8Bit (N8)

  Neverdaunt is a dream like world of floating Islands and falling stars where nearly anything can happen. 8Bit refers to the era of computers with eight bit processors. N8 parodies the graphics style these computers were capable of and 8Bit also refers to N8 being a kind of Neverdaunt lite. N8 is an online massively multiplayer virtual sandbox, A …

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