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New Club Penguin Reviewed By You

Last week we Club Penguin asked for submissions to the Art for Haiti competition. Thanks to your generosity, a new school is going to make a BIG difference in the community of Haiti. Billybob asked what you’ve done to help others in your own community and Reenabean98 said: I love to help make a difference. My favorite way to help …

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New Club Penguin Puffle Cushions!

Today, my friend Distrocktiv7CP told me about new puffle items: New Club Penguin Puffle Cushion. They are amazing items which are cute, fluffy, comfortable and big! Club Penguin’s Puffle Cushion are only available in the U.k and U.S.A. Let’s take look: I like the orange puffle, because he is very happy, which puffle is favorite? Are you going to buy …

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New Club Penguin Reviewed By You- Mountain Expedition

A new Club Penguin Reviewed by You has been posted on the Club Penguin community blog! Last week, Club Penguin wanted to know what kind of challenges you may face while climbing to the top during the mountain expedition, and the winner, Dry Ice124, said: I always love new things on Club Penguin. I also love exploring new things. I’m …

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New Club Penguin Event at the Mine

Loki Terry posting! Things at the mine are getting interesting. This weekend all the rocks at the mine will be cleared, and Club Penguin would like to thank all penguins that are  helping towards clearing the rocks. The Club Penguin team have arranged this weekend that there is going to be a huge event. I’ve found a sneak peak of what the …

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New Club Penguin Style Cheats

A new Club Penguin clothing catalog has released, and here are all of the Club Penguin Cheats for the hidden items! Click on the map in the lower left. Go to the town. Waddle into the gift shop. Click the clothing catalog in the bottom right. Here is how to find the 3D Glasses: Go to the 5th page of …

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