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New Club Penguin Book Codes 2010

On this page there are Club Penguin Book Codes which will unlock you items and coins on Club Penguin! If you have a Club Penguin Book Code and would like to share it, post a comment here. Here’s how to use a Club Penguin book code: 1. Go to the Club Penguin login page. 2. Click on the “Unlock Items …

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New Club Penguin Drilling and Fire Ninja Glitch!

Today, I was waddling around earning stamps when I found a few glitches that I decided to share with you guys. They are 100% accurate and very fun to use in front of a crowd for a good laugh. The first glitch is called the Swimming Drill. To complete this glitch follow the instructions below. Login Club Penguin. Put on …

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New Club Penguin: Tour Guide Paycheck in Mail

It’s the first day of August, which means we got our Tour Guide paycheck in our mailbox. Each month, we earn 250 coins for our hard work giving tours to new penguins. Here’s what the paycheck looks like:   Awesome, right? Maybe since the PSA doesn’t pay us anymore, we should get 250 coins from the EPF each month, do …

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