Sunday , May 28 2023

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New Club Penguin Stamp Book: Mystery Page Cheat!

Today on Club Penguin, I was earning some stamps by playing some games, and I opened up my stamp book. While I was looking around, I found something really cool that almost nobody knows. It’s a mystery page that’s inside your stamp book. This mystery page will be unlocked when you have collected all the stamps, and you might receive a reward or a …

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New Club Penguin Buckle Boot Pin Cheat! 2010

Here’s how to find the new Club Penguin buckle boot pin: 1. Go to the Night Club. 2. Go upstairs to the Night Club Launch . 3. Click on the Buckle Boot pin. Here’s what it looks like when you pick up the buckle boot pin: Congratulations, you’ve found the new Club Penguin buckle boot pin!

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Club Penguin: New Club Penguin Shoes!

Hello Penguins, it’s Frenzen! Club Penguin has released new Club Penguin Shoes! Club Penguin baseball shoes offer a fire new look for summer. They tie up with a thick rubber sole and toe with a lightweight canvas upper, decorated with metallic character print and finished with chunky laces. Here is how the Club Penguin style baseball shoes: Don’t you just …

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New Club Penguin New Igloo Music

New igloo music has been released! There are three new songs including: Puffle Rescue: Ice Flow Recycle! Anchovy Jazz Very unique new music! I really like the new Recycle song. Club Penguin is finally putting forth the effort to  “Go Green”. Until next time, Waddle on!

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