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New Club Penguin Times Issue #249

Today, Club Penguin released their newest Club Penguin Times. This is their 249th issue and has released some neat information coming up soon! This weeks newspaper consists: Stamps (A2-A5) Music (A6-A7) Jet Pack Adventure (B1-B4) For upcoming events, check the picture or read the information below. If you cannot view the picture above, these are the upcoming events: New collectible …

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New Club Penguin: Mission 11 Sneak Peek!

Today, my friend LebronJr23 got amazing sneak peek from Club Penguin, it was really intresting that’s why I wanted to show it and share it with you penguins. Lets look at the sneak peek picture: This is what Billybob has told my friend: (Name) Wanted you to see this. See if you can figure out what it is… Waddle on. …

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New Club Penguin Times Issue #236

Club Penguin Times Issue #236 was released today. As you know Earth Day is today so there is tons of new updates about the Earth Day Party. Lets get started with the whole review: If you noticed in section A4 Club Penguin discusses Recycling with a brand new room! If you check out the Mine you will notice the new …

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New Club Penguin 9” Plush Toys!

Hello Penguins, Frenzen is here to show you Club Penguin’s 9” Plush toys, they are like 24 cm bigger then ever! The Fairy: The Shadow Guy: The Explorer: The price of each of them cost about $15.45. Are you going to buy one? I like the shadow guy because he looks cool, which one is your favorite? Comment and let …

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New Club Penguin Knight’s Quest 1 Cheats

Today, Club Penguin released the Medieval Party! We have been waiting a long time for this party, and it’s finally here! I am going to take you through the Knight’s Quest 1, Follow these rules to get started: Log into Club Penguin. Use your map on the bottom left corner to go to the Plaza. Go to the underground cave. …

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