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New Club Penguin Knight’s Quest 2 Cheats

Club Penguin released not one, but two Knight’s Quests for members! This guide is for the second quest! So lets get started: First follow these steps to get to the quest: Log into Club Penguin. Use your map at the bottom left corner to go to the Plaza Then waddle into the underground cave. Waddle into the fire burning cave, …

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New Club Penguin 6″ Deluxe Puffles!

Hello Penguins, Waddleboy200 here! New Club Penguin 6″ puffles have been released! These puffles are 2 inches larger than the 4 inch puffles! Here is the blue puffle: Here is the green puffle: Here is the purple puffle: Here is the yellow puffle: Here is the black puffle: Here is the red puffle: Here is the pink puffle: These puffles …

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New Club Penguin HQ Destroyed!

the HQ and Winter Sport Shop with popcorn! If you visit the Ski Village you will be greeted by tons of popcorn! Check out the popcorn filled rooms: Ski Village: HQ: And inside the Winter Sports Shop: How long will they be like this? Also if you notice there is a sign in the HQ that reads “Try and find …

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New Club Penguin Series 5 Puffles!

Recently, we ran across some series 5 Puffles. You will notice some immediate differences. Take a look, and tell us what you notice. If you are like me, you noticed that these look  more animated, and more detailed. I think this is showing us a bright future for Club Penguin plush Puffles. Which one is your favorite? Mine would have …

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