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New New Club Penguin Books Sneak Peeks

We have found some images of new Club Penguin Books coming soon. These books may allow you to unlock items online, or may not. The first Book is called: “Disney Club Penguin Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal Heroes Unite”, and it probably has to do with the play called like that. It is going to be released August 24 and …

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New New Club Penguin Game Coming This Week!

Hello Penguins! If you didn’t know there are many puffles that are missing around the island. The missing puffles are connected with a brand new game. Underground areas will still continue for a new rescuing game. Keep checking the mine for a brand new game! The game will come out by this Friday. Do you think the new game will be in underwater room …

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New New Club Penguin Puffle Rescue game tips!

Hey, Screenhog made a post about the new Puffle Rescue game with some tips! Here they are below: 1. Look before you leap… or swim. It helps to look ahead and plan your jumps. Remember that while you only have a little time to act, looking ahead and waiting for the best chance works well. 2. Sometimes ‘close’ is close …

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New New Club Penguin Ninja Coloring Page!

A new Club Penguin coloring page has been released on the Club Penguin Community page! This new Coloring Page features two ninjas playing Card Jitsu in the Dojo! Check out the new coloring page: Click here if you want to see more coloring pages. This coloring page looks great, I especially like the ninja who is on top of the stone roof! …

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New New Club Penguin events for April 2010!

Club Penguin has updated the membership page! It shows all the coming events for April, 2010 ! Here how the new membership page looks like: Here are all the upcoming events for the month of April: Celebrate Earth Day by helping Club Penguin grow. Dress to impress with the latest environmental fashions. Get creative with new eco-friendly furniture and flooring …

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