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Club Penguin Times Isse New

Club Penguin Times Isse New Page A1/A2 – Music Jam The island’s annual music festiva is back, and everyone’s invited to step up and perform. Form a band. Get your friends and some instruments. Big or small , Music Jam needs BANDS! Judge. Have an ear for music? Perfect. You’re a judge. Get into a booth, and share your wisdom. …

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Club Penguin Reviewed By You Penguins

I love expressing my self through music! Whether it be playing the guitar or singing on a microphone, music makes me happy! Every penguin should have the amazing opportunity to play an instrument. Play away, penguins!    Music Jam is almost here and you’re going to see a TON of new places to dance. So this week, Billybob would like to know …

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Penguin new Popcorn! 2010

At the end of Mission 11, Herbert set off a popcorn bomb in the HQ!  The bomb overflowed into the Sport Shop and the Ski Village!  You can eat popcorn at the Sport Shop (this isn’t so bad, is it?), and the Command Room is just fine.  You can access the Command Room (if you unlocked it using Elite Penguin …

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Penguin Sensei Tracker June 2010

Hey Penguins, The new updated Sensei Tracker for June 2010 is online now and 100% accurate with quick updating times too! It should make it better for the summer rush when everyone is off school and has more time to play. Here’s the new club penguin sensei tracker for June 2010 Sensei is known for training all of club penguins …

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