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Penguin Penguin Of The Week – June 13

Hey Penguins, It’s about time for another penguin of the week contest here at For this weeks contest i decided to change it up a little bit. I still have a zoomed in picture but i also slight change the picture style. It’s not too crazy but the picture now looks like it was painted instead of just a …

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Penguin Rockhoppers Migrator and Ship Battle ?

Billybob released another picture for the new June 2010 island adventure party and it’s making the party look pretty awesome! The island is going to get completely transformed into the island and pirate theme and rockhopper is obviously going to be involved! It looks like rockhopper and his ship the migrator are in a battle with another unknown ship! I’m …

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New Club Penguin Times Issue New

Today is Thursday which means there is a new version of the Club Penguin Times! Click Here to read the Newspaper! Upcoming Events: June 27th: Adventure Party ends July 2nd: New Pin hidden July 2nd: New Penguin Style July 9th: New Penguin Mail for you to send to your penguin buddies! July 16th: New Better Igloos July 23rd: Underwater Adventure …

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Billybob Tracker – Club Penguin Mod 2010

Billybob is probably the most famous of all of the club penguin moderators so we had to make a tracker for him. His real name is Lane Merrifield and he is also the CEO and Creator of club penguin. Due to this his penguin billybob is one of the most famous mods in all of club penguin. Billybob is known …

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