Monday , June 5 2023

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New The Latest Club Penguin Reviewed by You

Madz’s here! Last week, Club Penguin wanted to hear your coolest adventure that you ever had with your puffles! Their favorite comment was by Sidiceage. He said: ”The coolest adventure I have had with a puffle was, my pink puffle, named pink, and I went aqua grabbing. That was so much fun we went exploring everywhere. We saw a giant …

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New 2010 Exclusive Upcoming Club Penguin Stamp!

The stamps have been quite a popular addition to Club Penguin ever since it became available and like every popular upgrade, there are exclusives to be searched for. Today, an exclusive upcoming Club Penguin stamp has been revealed and has been shown no where, except for here. You can view the exclusive upcoming stamp below. The stamp has a blue …

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New Club Penguin Buckle Boot Pin Cheat! 2010

Here’s how to find the new Club Penguin buckle boot pin: 1. Go to the Night Club. 2. Go upstairs to the Night Club Launch . 3. Click on the Buckle Boot pin. Here’s what it looks like when you pick up the buckle boot pin: Congratulations, you’ve found the new Club Penguin buckle boot pin!

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