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Red Crucible

Communism and capitalism, the two largest opposing pillars in the world, never intend to leave each other in peace for long. The melt-down of Soviet Union only secures a fleeting truce. Now as the East hits momentous development and the West wanes in influence, a modern day world war has become the closes thing we have to absolute certainty. Some …

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Red Stone

Red Stone Red Stone, developed by L&K Logic Korea and released in 2004, has grown to be an extraordinarily successful title thanks to its classic graphics, involved storyline that develops throughout the game, unique character transformation system, high level cap (999 max level), and addictive Player vs. Environment and Player vs. Player action. With all those features combined, it has …

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Game Red War

Game Red War Red War: Edem’s Curse is an isometric MMORPG in the vein of Diablo and other dungeon crawlers that revolutionizes dungeon crawlers with new features such as the Red War tournaments. Red War’s daily tournaments are a pure test of skill rather than character level or equipment. All participants are set to the same level at the beginning …

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