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Dungeon&Evil Hunter: The Complete Currency Guide and Tips

Dungeon&Evil Hunter is a captivating dark fantasy idle RPG developed by Mobirix. In this thrilling adventure, you step into the shoes of a chosen hero and embark on a perilous journey to combat the ancient evil that looms over a fantastical realm. In this Currency Guide for Dungeon&Evil Hunter, we’ll dive into the various in-game currencies and provide insights on where to acquire and wisely utilize them.

Dungeon & Evil Hunter is a unique fusion of hack-and-slash and idle gameplay mechanics, offering players an experience that’s both action-packed and strategically rewarding.

List of in-game Currency in Dungeon&Evil Hunter

1. Gold

How to get Gold in Dungeon&Evil Hunter

Gold can be acquired through various in-game features. Participating in activities such as the Rift, Treasure Room, and Labyrinth are excellent ways to earn gold. Keep an eye on these opportunities as they offer consistent sources of this precious currency.

Dungeon&Evil Hunter Gold Dungeon&Evil Hunter Currency Guide
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Where to use Gold in Dungeon&Evil Hunter

Gold plays a pivotal role in enhancing your hero’s abilities and equipment. It’s essential for leveling up and improving your character’s skills and gear. You can also spend your earned gold in the gold shop to purchase a wide range of items, including keys, materials, and other valuable resources.

2. Gem

How to get Gem in Dungeon&Evil Hunter

Gems, like precious treasures, can be found as rewards in your adventures. Completing quests and achieving milestones in the achievements section consistently adds gems to your collection, signifying your progress and augmenting your hero’s journey.

Dungeon&Evil Hunter Gem
Image via mobirix

Where to use Gem in Dungeon&Evil Hunter

Gems are the backbone of your strategy in this adventure. You’ll find the gem shop, a bustling marketplace, where you can trade your hard-earned gems for valuable items. Gems also let you summon and unlock the incredible power of Relics, each with unique abilities.

3. Demon Stone

How to get Demon Stone in Dungeon&Evil Hunter

The gateway to Demon Stone lies within the Rift, a challenging and rewarding aspect of the game. It’s here, in the midst of battles and challenges, that you can gather Demon Stones. Conquering the Rift stages not only advances your hero’s journey but also adds this precious resource to your inventory.

Dungeon&Evil Hunter Demon Stone Dungeon&Evil Hunter Currency Guide
Image via mobirix

Where to use Demon Stone in Dungeon&Evil Hunter

Demon Stones are your key to enhancing your hero’s capabilities. These mystical materials play a significant role in body enhancements. By judiciously utilizing Demon Stones, you fortify your character, preparing them for the formidable challenges that await.

4. Follower Summon Key

How to get Follower Summon Key in Dungeon&Evil Hunter

You can get Follower Summon Keys in two main ways. Firstly, you can buy them from the in-game shop. Secondly, you can find these keys by taking on the challenging Rift, where demons gather to invade the continent. This gives you multiple options to acquire valuable companions.

Dungeon&Evil Hunter Follower Summon Key
Image via mobirix

Where to use Follower Summon Key in Dungeon&Evil Hunter

Follower Summon Keys are your tools to summon Followers who will walk the path with you, boosting your combat power and providing unique abilities that are essential in your battles. These companions are your dependable support on your heroic journey, ensuring you’re ready for any challenge.

5. Mileage

How to get Mileage in Dungeon&Evil Hunter

Mileage can be accumulated through a straightforward process. When you buy paid items such as Gems, Packages, and Medals of Honor, Mileage is your reward. These purchases are not only a means to enhance your gameplay but also serve as a steady source of Mileage, adding value to your heroic journey.

Dungeon&Evil Hunter Mileage Dungeon&Evil Hunter Currency Guide
Image via mobirix

Where to use Mileage in Dungeon&Evil Hunter

The versatility of Mileage becomes clear when you explore the offerings of the Mileage shop. Here, you can exchange your hard-earned Mileage for precious resources like Gems and Keys which grant access to engaging content such as Raid, Labyrinth, Treasure Room, and Archdevil.

Final Thoughts

In Dungeon&Evil Hunter, these in-game currencies, including Gold, Gems, Demon Stones, Follower Summon Keys, and Mileage, are the keys to enhancing your hero’s abilities and shaping your legendary adventure.

Gold is for hero upgrades and shopping, Gems unlock valuable items and Relics, Demon Stones enhance your character, Follower Summon Keys bring allies to your side, and Mileage, earned through wise investments, opens doors to vital content. Your strategic choices with these currencies define the path you’ll tread on your journey to becoming a legend in this dark fantasy realm.

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