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Earth Eternal

Earth Eternal is a high-quality browser/client based MMORPG by Iron Realms. It takes place in an epic fantasy world full of fantastical monsters, beautiful environments, and whimsical touches. The world of Earth Eternal is a kind of fantasy Earth. It incorporates real-world elements that range from Egyptian Gods to Arthurian legend to the saga of Beowulf. In other words, while Earth Eternal is loosely based on themes from the real-world, virtually everything has our own spin on it. For instance, in EE, most of the Greek and Norse Gods were slain by extra-dimensional Sphinxes acting in concert with Anubis, Egyptian God of Death.
Status: Open Beta
Official site:
Earth Eternal Overview and Features:

The time of Man has passed. The great achievements of humankind have been lost to antiquity or reclaimed by Mother Earth, leaving fresh ground for the ancient Beasts from which Man descended to return to Earth and contend with Demons, Faeries, Dragons, Gods, and Titans of old to write their destinies anew.

From Sparkplay Media comes Earth Eternal, a browser-playable, free, 3D MMO. Epic fantasy, unreal monsters, beautiful environments, and whimsical touches await gamers young and old, casual and avid. If you can click, you can play.

Set in a high-fantasy universe that combines real-world history, legend, and myth with original creations, Earth Eternal will provide a quality experience without the burden of a mandatory subscription. Players will be able to play for free, paying only when they feel the game is worth it.

Play itself is classic in the best sense of the word, revolving around completing quests, overcoming challenges, battling monsters and other players, and becoming both powerful and wealthy.

  • FREE – Earth Eternal is entirely free-to-play and features optional downloadable content.
  • QUALITY – EE is a full-featured MMO, and will expand immediately post-launch.
  • IN-BROWSER – Our 3D client runs in a browser and loads while playing. Click & go.
  • A BIG WORLD – EE’s large, handcrafted world is based on a fantasical, mythical Earth.
  • ORIGINAL – Nonstandard fantasy. Man is gone. In his stead stride Beasts and worse.
  • CLASSICAL – EE’s simple, effective combat is based on established MMO game models.
  • CO-OP – We design for tight groups. No large, unwieldy 25-man raid hassles here.
  • FRIENDLY – Content caters to a wide range of players …. casual, hardcore, young, old.
  • WILD – Creatures both familiar and unreal abound. Help some. Defeat others.
  • PERSONAL – User can customize their own areas with EE’s unqiue Groves.
  • MULTI-CLASS – Create the hero you want to be. Combine classes for killer combos.
  • LORE – Earth Eternal’s universe is deeper and more engaging than many novels.


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