EasyMetin2 Open Beta Version Released Download



Thanks to all EasyMetin2 close beta testers, after we fix the bugs and improve the functions, EasyMetin2 Open beta UK version has released. We have opened the registrations of EasyMetin2 from today.
EasyMetin2 DE will release in few days, and for servers’ will coming soon.
Basic functions: Auto leveling & farming, Moblock, Auto pick-up (Auto grab), etc…and more.

DOWNLOAD TURBOBİT:Easy Metin2 Hilesi Güncel Versiyon (17-12-2011) indir  

DOWNLOAD FİLEJUNG:Easy Metin2 Hilesi Güncel Versiyon (17-12-2011) indir

DOWNLOAD Uploaded:EasyMetin2 Hilesi Yeni Versiyon – ( 17.11.2011 ) Tıkla

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