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Electrodynamics Mod 1.5.2 Minecraft 1.5.2/1.6

Electrodynamics Mod 1.5.2 Minecraft 1.5.2/1.6

Electrodynamics Mod 1.5.2 – Download Electro Dynamics Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2. Hello Minecrafters, This mod adds some very unique game mechanics that will both challenge the player as well as immerse them in a whole new world of ore processing. Our todo list for the public alpha release alone is several pages long, and we expect the beta to be much longer. Sound interesting right ? want to download and install this Electrodynamics Mod 1.5.2 ? just see my post below

Electrodynamics Mod 1.5.2 Features

  • Sintering Oven can now cook multiple vanilla recipes at once
  • Basic Sieve now has a 64 item queue
  • Table now emits light if block/item placed does
  • Oven now computes the proper processing recipe based on items in tray (Vanilla recipes only)
  • Added new decorative blocks
  • Ingot model now renders in oven if tray is full of one type of ingot
  • Ore blocks can now smelt into basic ingots
  • Sledgehammer now does extra damage + knockback
  • Added zh_CH language file
  • Added pt_BR language file
  • El-Mag armor now equippable via right-click
  • Oven now gives experience if smelting vanilla items
  • Added a basic add-on system for eventual mod interaction
  • Added ComputerCraft Hammering turtle

Electrodynamics Mod 1.5.2 Changelogs

  • Rubber Tree logs now hold two buckets worth of Latex
  • Metal bar recipe now returns 6 metal bars
  • Increased limestone generation radius
  • Fixed crash when placing hammer on table
  • Fixed issue with NEI
  • Fixed rubber tree log/leaves breaking instantly
  • Fixed treetap bucket texture
  • Fixed wormseed texture issues

So guys! lets say thank to CyanideX as developers this awesome Electrodynamics Mod 1.5.2. We really appreciate and enjoy playing minecraft with this mod, I hope you can make another popular mods in the future like Electrodynamics Mod 1.5.2

Electrodynamics Mod 1.5.2 Installations for Minecraft 1.5.2

  1. Backup your minecraft.jar.
  2. Requires Minecraft Forge, so install that first.
  3. Download Electrodynamics Mod 1.5.2
  4. Place the .Jar in your Minecraft mods folder. or Drop the downloaded file into this folder
  5. Enjoy!

Download Electrodynamics Mod 1.5.2


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