Pazar , Haziran 13 2021

Feel Online: Opening Global Service

Feel Online, which is an online dating game developed by the ANGames, begins its service from December 17 through the global game portal site Game&Game.

Feel Online is the game extending the dating game, which has been usually enjoyed alone, to online game and a user can feel as he/she is a hero or heroine of the game and the user also can experience the feeling as NPC. Through the unique game method that a user can experience events by selecting dialogues and atmosphere, the user can enjoy extraordinary online dating game.

As the Feel Online desires to be a real dating game through which actual users can make relationship, it is highly likely that there may be some unpleasant happenings among users. In order to prevent these possible happening, the developer ANGames has prepared various equipment. There are ‘hiding’ function to hide him/herself from a selected person and ‘ending friendship’ function to prevent meeting with the selected person.

For more information on Feel Online check out the official website:


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